They trusted me:

Experience design is about time well spent.

Products and services are not enough. The essential part of the economic value is the experience offered.

What value will your customers be willing to pay for? This value is experience but it takes courage to design it. Thinking about business needs to change. Established practices need to be modified. This is not an easy road to take but definitely a rewarding one. Follow it and get ahead of the market which still holds onto the old tricks.

Design thinking workshops

You cannot learn the design process in theory. The only effective way is through putting a design into practice. Take part in one of my training sessions and experience design workshops lasting from one to three months.

Tools to facilitate the design process

Check out the tools supporting creative processes that I would like to share with you. Go to to learn more.

Experience prototyping

How we imagine experience is not always what it will actually be like in reality. It is better to check before you invest big money in your idea. I help with experience prototyping and assessing its business value.

Implementation of innovative thinking

Experience design itself is not enough. To achieve your goal, you need to partner with the right people and be in a favourable environment. You also need to point the change in the right direction. To implement innovative thinking, I offer strategic support at the management level. I help to create organizational structures and innovation introductory programmes. I am also a power speaker when it comes to the topics of building innovation through design.

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